Rakes of Rochester from November, 2011

"Rakes of Rochester" from November, 2011

Interesting Denver Post article:

Dancing with a little do si do may help fend off aging in the brain, Colorado State University researcher finds

Publik House Dance, Ft. Collins

“The CSU research team found that dance training in contra or English country dancing — think square dancing, but in lines — seems to have a positive effect on the fornix, a white-matter tract in the middle of the brain that is basically the brain’s wiring. The fornix connects the hippocampus to other areas of the brain and seems to play an important role in memory, researchers say.”

Fall Schedule:

At the Berkeley Community Church, 3701 West 50th Ave. in Denver (near Regis), 8:00 - 11:00 p.m.  Adults $10, teens / students, $6, with a family rate of $25.

English Country Dance was the world’s longest-running dance craze.  They were immensely popular from 1630 to 1830, as seen in Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility (the Jane Austen novels, and the movies based on them).  All are invited – no partner or previous experience needed.  There is no lesson, and figures are taught as needed.  Easier dances at the beginning of the evening lead up to more elegant and graceful dances by the end of the evening. 

Saturday, October 7th — Chris Kermiet teaches to live music.

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Dancers at our September 2012 dance